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I lost my mother at a young age to a heart attack because of high blood pressure. It was a watershed moment in my life. Everything I do and say today to women who come to me stems from this experience. Most conditions in women are not given the importance they deserve, often getting buried in the mountain of societal expectations and obligations, family responsibilities and domestic chores. Lack of financial freedom, discrimination in education/healthcare and the burden of bearing children as their prime role in life all impact women’s health. Women often do not prioritise their health due to low self-esteem and learned behaviour from their mothers and other female relatives.

Common women’s health issues like PCOS, Menopause, Obesity and Thyroid must be attended to holistically.

My approach

  • Optimising their medical treatment
  • Motivating them to prioritise their health
  • Making time for exercise and self-care 
  • Involving family members in understanding her unique situation to support her on the road to good health.

Women make the world go round and it’s time that women get their place in the sun!

The imposter phenomenon impacts high achieving professionals, especially women, wherein they doubt their abilities in spite of their success and achievements.
Watch this video to know more about how young women can be better prepared to deal with this phenomenon which impact and hold them back on the occasion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science.



Gendered Nutrition | Dr Tejal Lathia


When a woman is diagnosed with a metabolic condition like diabetes or high cholesterol, it is often difficult for her to prioritise her own health in the whirlwind of work, home and kids!
Involving her family in her treatment plan, getting her to understand the importance of her own health helps her achieve the best outcomes for her health.

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