Dr. Tejal Lathia

I am a gold-medallist specialist in Endocrinology (hormonal diseases) from TN Medical College and BYL Nair Charitable Hospital, Mumbai, under Dr P.K.Varthakavi, Dr Manoj Chadha and Dr Nikhil Bhagwat. I have been practising for the last 10 years and treating patients in top hospitals in Navi Mumbai – Fortis Hiranandani Hospital (Vashi), Apollo Hospitals (Belapur) and Cloud Nine Maternal and Child Healthcare (Vashi).

I have several national and international publications in Endocrinology to my credit, with a full focus on women’s health. I am a faculty and speaker at top conferences in Endocrinology.

My communication skills define me – positive, energetic, funny, empathetic and compassionate – my consults are littered with “I understand”, “I am not your enemy, we are in this together”, I am here for you”, “I am not blaming you”. Hard-working, ethical practice (I NEVER write unnecessary investigations or medications and try hard to avoid starting medications wherever I can)

Going out of the way ensures patients receive a good quality of care in continuity from me, and even referrals are curated. I see other doctors as part of the journey and not competitors.

Allaying anxiety with hopeful communication and not scaring people with dire warnings, apologising to patients for unnecessary delays/ long wait times or missed communications, and admitting what patients I cannot care for beyond my expertise. Hardworking and ethical practice is what I believe are some of my positives. I also maintain strong relations with allied staff, especially diabetes educators and nutritionists, for holistic care.

Lastly, I LOVE what I do. I look forward to seeing patients and enjoy my work!

Endocrine Society Membership | Dr Tejal Lathia | Navi Mumbai

Dr Tejal Lathia | Top Endocrinologist | Diabetes & Hormonal Diseases | Mumbai


  1. Total years of experience is more than 10 years of clinical practice from BYL Nair Charitable Hospital (Assistant Professor) to date.
  2. Assistant Professor – 2 years at BMC run BYL Nair Charitable Hospital and TN Medical College, Mumbai.
  3. Senior Registrar in Endocrinology– 1 year at BMC run BYL Nair Charitable Hospital and TN Medical College, Mumbai.
  4. Senior Registrar in Medicine – 6 months at BMC run Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai
  5. I have done original research in communication for diabetes, lived experience of PCOS, obesity and menopause – which brings more than just medical knowledge to the table. Personal experience with diabetes, obesity, PCOS in my own family.


  1. Re-emergence of Comorbidities after Bariatric surgery – Lathia T, Jain V

  2. OORJA – Menopause

  3. 2018 - 100 Clinical Pearls in Type 2 DM – Chapter Author – Insulin Initiation and Optimization

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The conditions I treat usually require a multidisciplinary approach. Over the years, I have found the specialists to who I trust and refer my patients. I have listed them here for your convenience and links are attached to their profile



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