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I come from a family who has struggled with several chronic conditions. I have seen how a doctor communicates, is crucial for successful treatment outcomes. If a doctor can alleviate anxiety the person is experiencing, explains all treatment options and supports the family in decision making, it can significantly impact the treatment outcomes. I try to bring these same qualities to my consultations. One of the steps I have recently taken is to reduce the number of patients I see daily. Seeing a lesser number of patients ensures that I have adequate time to address all the concerns and questions a person comes with. Happy patients = better outcomes.

I am also very passionate about women’s health – and am very aware of the difference in approach to a woman who sees me as opposed to a man. I understand them as a doctor and as a full-time working mom struggling with 100’s of demands on my time.

All that I do now – both in Clinic and as a researcher is focussed on improving doctor-patient communication in endocrine conditions and rebuilding the trusting relationship that once existed.

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  • I am consulting Dr Tejal for last few months only, but my experience with her has been excellent. The best part about her consultation is that she does not give any false hopes and shows the ground realities in very clear terms: her consultation, her new medication pattern, and a little of scolding :). I have been able to reduce my HbAc1 from 8 to 6.3 within for 3 months! Of course, I have changed my diet pattern (necessarily moved to a low carb diet ) and got the same validated by her.
    I am delighted now that finally! I have met an excellent doctor and a very good person! I don’t think I will need to hop around to look for a new diabetologist in future.


  • Dear Dr Tejal, Thank you for everything you have done for me related to my thyroid problems. You are a wonderful and caring doctor expert in your field, who is always friendly and provide comforting experience to your patients. You truly make a difference in your field with your expertise.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


  • I have consulted Dr Tejal for my parents and myself. I feel a very important part of treatment is how it is explained to you, how all the fear you have around your condition is handled by the professional you visit, so you can be at ease and feel you are in the right hands. Whether it was my parents or me, Dr Tejal made us feel so much eased out and comfortable about our condition during the consultations and entire treatment tenure. We were open to her suggestions because of the way she communicated with us. As a patient, I think it matters A LOT! She instils confidence in you and not the fear of your condition worsening. THANK YOU Doc!! 😊


  • I have been suffering from hypothyroidism for 12 years now and have visited most of the top endocrinologists in Mumbai till I met Dr Tejal. It helps that my mother is a medico and found out about Dr Tejal. For the first time in decades, I found an empathic doctor who appreciated the weight I could control instead of automatically telling me to lose weight. She understood my overall health history, lifestyle, and struggles as a working woman of 2 daughters. The treatment plan factors the whole person and not just the thyroid values or the weighing scale. Never before was I given such a holistic perspective to my endocrine health. Dr Tejal is knowledgeable about her craft and is extremely patient and has fantastic bedside manners. I am grateful to have her as my caregiver because I don’t feel like I am in a factory-like one of the many patients as is the case with most endocrinology practices. Thank you, Doctor. May your tribe increase, and may you always stay healthy and happy.



  • I have been consulting with Tejal Mam for thyroid of My entire family. I would say she acts more like a friend than a doctor. She makes the patient comfortable and speaks with them in their language, which is an essential quality every doctor should possess. I would recommend getting treatment from her.


  • Dr Tejal Lathia is an incredible doctor. She is highly experienced, good listener, patient advisor and recommend only what is necessary. I went to her for a nodule in my thyroid gland last year, which later turned out to be malignant. The way she guided me throughout the journey right from diagnosis till treatment was commendable. She is always available for patients and responds to all queries patiently. Thank you so much, doctor.


  • Since three years, we have been following Dr Lathia as we visit her for my mom, a diabetic patient. As she clears every doubt, we are very comfortable listening to her patient with utmost empathy. Her prescriptions have suited my mom, and she is doing well. In fact, my mom asks for her only as a doctor. The conversations with her immensely help the patients erase their fears and have confidence and positivity. I think this is one step ahead for wellness. In a nutshell, Dr Lathia is a doctor with vast experience, knowledge and a true counsellor for her patients.


  • Dr Tejal Lathia is a vibrant, intelligent and clear-sighted doctor who knows her job very well. She is a patient listener and gives a comforting and personal touch to her patients who she treats diligently. I’m pleased with her treatment.



Timings & Location
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1 – THBC (The Hormone & Bone Centre)
Available Daily
Monday & Friday – 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Tuesday to Thursday – 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
For Appointment: +918692846868

2 – Apollo – Belapur
Monday & Friday – 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
For Appointment: 022-33503350

3 – Cloud Nine – Vashi
Wednesday – 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
For Appointment: 022-62642900